Featured Collection: disenadorgrafico’s top 10

instagram lists disenadorgrafico

Last week, we introduced you all to our #MashfeedTop10 project, inviting you to create a Mashfeed collection of 10 of your absolute favorite feeds to follow on Instagram. This week’s featured #MashfeedTop10 was created by artist, photographer, and Mashfeed curator @disenadorgrafico. From gorgeous architectural shots (@drcuerda), to hand-made masks (@artedemirar), to floating Instagram notification bubbles found in everyday settings (@giddyfingers), this collection is as eclectic as the curator himself.

When asked about his Top 10 favorite feeds, Jorge said: “Since 2013, Instagram has become part of my daily routine and it has given me the chance to inspire others by making things that will bring good to others. Over time, I’ve met some creative Instagrammers that are truly passionate about what they do and I thought it would be nice to share these users with you.”

Click here to see who Jorge loves to follow in his “disenadorgraficos’s top 10” collection and all our , available on Mashfeed for iPhone. Photo by @drcuerda

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