Top 10 Lifestyle Instagram Feeds by Cookie & Kate

tumblr_n7blhvCy701t4f2g5o1_1280The web is filled with people sharing amazing things. Sometimes you stumble upon a blog that makes you want to bust out your muffin pan and make something delicious – or more realistically, just lick your computer screen. Cookie & Kate (@cookieandkate) is just that type of blog. Based in Kansas City, Kathryne (aka Kate) & her adorable gray-and-black speckled pup named Cookie share their favorite recipes along with some gorgeous photos on Best of all, every single one of her recipes is 100% vegetarian and based on whole foods! Vegan Banana Nut Scones? Yes, please!

To help introduce us to some of people that inspire them, Mashfeed recently teamed up with Cookie & Kate on their very own Top 10 mashfeed collection. Made up of photos from 10 of their absolute favorite Instagrammers, “Cookie & Kate’s Top 10” is a combination of some of the most extraordinary food photography you’ve ever seen, with a splash of fashion, nature, and of course, insanely cute babies.

Head on over to Mashfeed for iPhone to check out the exclusive mashfeed and get an inside look at who Cookie & Kate are following.

Cookie & Kate’s Top 10 are…

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