Top 10 Style Instagram Feeds for Fashion Bloggers


Featured Mashfeed: PHYLLIS + ROSIE’s Insta Picks

In our previous post, we introduced you to our new section called TOP 10 LISTS, where we invite users to create a mashfeed featuring 10 of their favorite users across social media.

For our first featured Top 10 List, we’ve teamed up with Alana Blank & Rachel Lavipour, the awesome creators and designers behind NY-based jewelry company @PhyllisandRosie. In their debut Top 10 List, called “PHYLLIS + ROSIE’s Insta Picks,” they’ve chosen 10 amazing Instagram feeds that give us a unique look at their brand’s style and personality, listed below. “We chose these influential bloggers, celebrities and style curators because they inspire us, make us laugh, shoot beautiful photos and do a great job of illustrating their brand and their stories,” Rachel told Mashfeed when asked why they chose these particular feeds. “They inspire us to be creative and think outside the box.” We invite you all to check out their Top 10 List by opening the Mashfeed app, and searching for “PHYLLIS + ROSIE’s Insta Picks”, or by going here


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