I Spy DIY’s Top 10 Favorite Instagram Feeds

DIY blogger Jenni Radosevich of I Spy DIY shares her favorite Instagram feeds


Last week we featured our new DIY collection highlighting some of our favorite DIY Instagram accounts and YouTube channels. There are so many incredible DIY accounts out there to choose from that make you want to go melt some crayons and cut up all your old t-shirts. DIY projects are a great way to channel your creativity into something useful. Whether it’s decorating your new home with fancy lights or making a rotary phone succulent planter (we didn’t know this existed either, but now we definitely need one for our office), making your own projects is rewarding and fun. In order to fuel our imagination and get the creative juices flowing, we teamed up with popular DIY blogger Jenni Radosevich, founder of @ISpyDIY, to see where her inspiration comes from.

Jenni Radosevich began I Spy DIY with a “spot style you love, and do it yourself” mentality. Her blog includes DIY tutorials, videos, inspiration and more, and is intended for just about anyone who wants to create a DIY project in a simple and comprehensible way. Jenni has also authored a book titled “I Spy DIY Style,” containing all her clever ideas and step-by-step projects. Needless to say, we are honored to have I Spy DIY as one of our guest curators for the “I Spy DIY’s Top 10” collection and we absolutely adore each pick! From fellow DIY-ers to fine art photographers, this collection will surely inspire you and brighten your day. When asked about her inspiration for picking her favorite Instagram feeds, Jenni told us:

“We love our daily dose of color and these accounts deliver it straight to our Instagram feeds. If you’re looking for hue intense images that are heavy on style, you must check them out!” – I Spy DIY

Here is I Spy DIY’s Top 10:

Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose’s Instagram, @sugarandcloth includes DIY recipes, style tips and everything else you never knew you loved and needed.

Sam Ushiro

Designer and stylist, Sam Ushiro runs the @aww.sam Instagram and almost exclusively posts photos of donuts (which is more than okay with us).

Gray Malin

Gray Malin is a fine art photographer whose Instagram will force you into early retirement with all of the amazing travel photography. Prepare to book a flight after taking a peak at Gray’s Instagram!

Head on over to Mashfeed for iPhone to check out the exclusive collection and get an inside look at who I Spy DIY is following.

I Spy DIY’s Top 10:


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