How To Survive College with Instagram and Twitter

Must-Follow Instagram and Twitter feeds for every college student

Photo by Total Sorority Move

Insane amounts of debt and frequent hangovers aside, college is a time to be independent, drink out of cheap red cups and be on Instagram a lot. (Oh, and go to class and learn a bunch of stuff.) You learn a lot in college:

  • How much pizza your body can physically handle in one sitting
  • Black jeans do not qualify as business casual attire
  • You’re more broke than you thought
  • Being “undeclared” is only socially acceptable for your first two years
  • Advil is your BFF on Sunday mornings

It goes without saying that college is stressful and often confusing (like that time you burned popcorn even though you hit the ‘popcorn’ button on your microwave), and we thought you could use a guide on how to survive college based on what you know how to do best: be on Twitter and Instagram. Here are the must-follow feeds to help you get through the few mornings you wake up early and those Adderall induced all-nighters.

College Cookin
For those of you that don’t have a meal plan and don’t get to be as lazy as the students who do, this feed includes all kinds of delicious recipes if you’re cookin’ on a budget.

Yik Yak

You will find that you either have a newfound appreciation for your University and are ultimately filled with pride by the humorous nature of the tweets OR you will never tell anyone which University you attend out of sheer embarrassment.

College Fashionista
Put those sweatpants back where they belong (next to the ice cream that’s been sitting on your dresser all semester) and keep up with college fashion trends from different campuses around the world.

Total Frat Move

TFM will remind you that there’s no such thing as too much frat with their funny tweets and biting sarcasm.

Total Sorority Move

TFM’s sister Twitter is equally amazing and keeps their tweets sassy and consistently mirrors the 140-character-count-version of the hair-flip emoji.

+2 More Feeds

Head over to Mashfeed for iPhone to view the “College Survival Guide” collection. Warning: it’ll make you laugh, cry and order more food.

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