Celebrate Pride Month with the Best LGBT YouTubers

Must-Follow LGBT YouTube Channels to show your LGBT Pride

best lgbt youtubers

Following the raid of a gay bar in 1969, now known as the Stonewall Riots, June has been deemed National Pride Month, a time when the world celebrates the LGBT community, while taking a stand against discrimination and inequality. Now, major cities around the world celebrate Pride month with parades that attract thousands of supporters including drag queens and lipsticks and bears, oh my!

If you can’t get out to New York for this week’s Pride Parade, don’t pack your rainbow flags just yet. You can celebrate LGBT Pride from the comfort of your home. Ladies and gentleman (and those who don’t identify as either), here are the Best LGBT YouTubers!

Hannah Hart (MyHarto)

With her hit series “My Drunk Kitchen,” Hannah Hart hilariously attempts to cook, well… while drunk. The result is a hilarious and pun-filled time in the kitchen.


Probably one of the cutest couples on YouTube, Vinny and Luke give insight into married life, finding love, and the intricacies of being an international couple.

Bria and Chrissy

They are an incredibly talented musical couple that puts out music, comedy skits, Q&As, and heartfelt personal videos that give a little insight into their lives as a lesbian couple.

Russ Marine

He’s a marine and he’s gay. Russ Marine talks about being gay, being gay in the military, being gay as a Christian all in a candid style that makes it feel like he’s talking to you one on one.

Tyler Oakley

The “King of YouTube” as he’s often called, Tyler Oakley is the best friend you always wanted and kind of needed. What does he do? He just entertains. That’s what a YouTuber is meant to do.

Head over to Mashfeed for iPhone to view the rest of our picks in the “Pride TV” collection and celebrate #NationalPrideMonth!

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Featured Channels:
Tyler Oakley
Hannah Hart
Trent and Luke
Jack Merridew
Bria and Chrissy
MarkE Miller
Russ Marine
Pano T

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