10 Book Instagram Feeds that Will Make You Throw Out Your E-Reader

The Best Book Instagrams for Recommendations, Reviews, & Beautiful Pictures

book instagram
Photo Credit: @thelittlebookshelf

Book worms, book nerds, bibliophiles, whatever you want to call yourselves, we have a list for you. We know you’re not supposed to judge books by their covers, but these Instagram feeds make it okay. They present books in two ways: as forms of literature and as pieces of art. Their feeds feature novels that they recommend, but present their recommendations in a way that’s beautiful and makes you want to throw your e-reader in the garbage.

The book lovers on this list display the books they, and other people, are buzzing about in increasingly creative ways. Think of it as your own personal social book club. First rule of book club: talk about book club.


Here are the 10 must-follow Instagram feeds for book lovers.

@subwaybookreview is like the “Humans of NY” of books. They feature pictures of New Yorkers (on the subway, obviously) with the books that they brought with them for their commute. Then, the caption features the person’s review of the book. It’s a great way to find books to read with reviews that feel like they were given to you by a friend (that you’ve never met).


@bookmarauder is the perfect place to escape to Middle Earth or Westeros. Although she gives love to all book genres, her main theme is fantasy books, which sport some of the most fanciful covers of all.

The beauty of @thelittlebookshelf is that she doesn’t just display books for their content. She arranges them with small pieces and trinkets that complement the book to create a beautiful and appealing photograph.


If you’re someone who loves books and loves thing organized, then @bookishsmaug will warm your heart. She not only displays her books, she often arranges them by color to compliment each other or create a pattern.


@graceslibrary displays books on beautiful white backgrounds with a minimalist angle that will make you want to invest in a white painted library.

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