Get Your Groove on with the Best Dance YouTube Channels & Instagram Feeds


Dance like no one is watching! Unless you’re famous on Instagram and YouTube – then dance like everyone is watching and for the love of God, don’t fall. For those of you who like to boogy every now and then and/or are full on professional dance-a-holics, get your groove on with our favorite dance feeds on Instagram and YouTube. Don’t be afraid to be that person who starts conga lines at the office holiday party or breaks out the sprinkler at high school reunions. True leaders initiate conga lines.

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Photo by Flight Rising

Isabella Boylston

Isabella Boylston embodies grace, elegance and poise in all her stunning photos. She is currently a principal ballerina at American Ballet Theatre and makes us all want to be ballerinas when we grow up…though we think that ship has sailed.

Tricia Miranda

Tricia Miranda keeps her videos full of energy and spunk with her intense choreography – her feed is guaranteed to make you re-think your career as an accountant.

Du-Shaunt Stegall

Du-Shaunt Stegall danced his way to winning So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 and his Instagram showcases why he won very well. His style is as refreshing as his energy is contagious.

YAK Films

YAKfilms keeps their channel fresh and interesting with their remarkable video quality. Their Facebook adequately describes their purpose: “At its core, YAK is a visual wrecking crew that uses multimedia to share the talents of young people around the world – and elevate and inspire the masses.”

RJ Puno

RJ Puno can literally fly and we’re obscenely jealous. We’re not sure whether he is a dancer or Superman (or both?)

DancePlug Network

DancePlug’s channel is a cool place to watch interviews with dancers, learn more about the dance industry and keep up with their show. It’s a great feed to help you stay in the know about all things dance related.

Head over to Mashfeed for iPhone to view the “Let’s Dance” collection. Lettuce Turnip the Beet. 

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