Unleash Your Inner Gaudí with These Must-Follow Architecture Instagram Feeds

Photo by Canyon News

Rome wasn’t built in a day…and there was no one there to Instagram it being built unfortunately. Unless you live here, you are most likely constantly surrounded by various buildings and structures, especially if you live in a big city. Lucky for you, architecture photographs beautifully and often fits perfectly into a little Instagram box. For the Ted Mosbys out there who love all things architecture, we’ve compiled a list of some amazing Instagram feeds for you. They’re all must-follows for architecture geeks, actual architects and anyone who enjoys beautiful photos in general.

Photo by Caught Read Handed

Carlos Copertone

Carolos Coperone’s Instagram maintains a sophisticated atmosphere and forces you to see different buildings and structures in a whole new way.


Resonate seems to break down the complexity of architecture into simple and stunning pictures by including a lot of space, dedicating a small portion of the photo to focus on the subject.


Pastels are so fetch right now and _ingo_1 does a fabulous job of capturing this idea in their photos. Most of the photos have a light blue background, making the architecture stand out in a unique way.

Chicago Matt

Matt’s photos let you see Chicago through the eyes of an architect and, trust us, this is a great thing. Fun fact: he uses his iPhone to take all the photos and it’s extremely impressive.

Head over to Mashfeed for iPhone to view the “Architecure” collection and embrace your inner Art Vandelay. 

Photo by tumblr.com
Photo by NBC

+ 7 More Feeds

Head over to Mashfeed for iPhone to view the “Architecture” collection.


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