The Best YouTube Channels for the Yummiest Recipes

Photo by Dennis Prescott
Photo by Food and Wine

Attention all foodies, Martha Stewarts and cooking fanatics! Learn all about how to win over your mother-in-law and surprisingly successful older siblings with pumpkin cheese balls and mozzarella stuffed chicken recipes at your next dinner party. If watching various cooking channels makes you feel all warm and fuzzy (and hungry) inside, then you need to look at our “Food TV” collection under Food & Drink on Mashfeed. Ketchup on all things food and cooking. You’re nuts if you donut do eggsactly what we’re telling you and go check out this collection! (Food puns are so cheesy).

Food Wishes

We wish Chef John would come to our office and make us food! Enjoy everything from snail-less-cargo to baked Alaska and unleash your inner Rachel Ray.

My Cupcake Addiction

If cupcakes are addicting, then sign us up for Cupcakes Anonymous! Elise walks us through how to make all kinds of yummy treats and listening to her super cool Australian accent is a treat in its own respect.


CHOW includes not only recipes, but also helpful cooking tips like how to make dinner in your coffeemaker and how to turn leftover siracha into chili oil. Where was this channel when I accidentally blew up my burrito in the microwave?!

Chef Tips

You will learn to make food that you never even knew existed with Chef Jason. He also includes helpful tips and how-to’s with a dash of a humor in each video.


Head over to Mashfeed for iPhone to view the “Food TV” collection. Lettuce help you cook.

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