7 Instagram Feeds You Need to Follow to Celebrate Canada Day

Show Your Great White North Pride with these 7 Canada Instagram Feeds

canada instagram feeds

Grab your hockey sticks, drown your pancakes in maple syrup, and snag a doughnut from Tim Horton’s because it’s Canada Day! The Great White North is celebrating 148 years since the three northern British Colonies merged to become the modern day Canada and we’re extremely grateful! I mean, how else would we be able to have Celine Dion, Drake, or (of course) Ryan Gosling (we’ll overlook Justin Bieber just this once, Canada). However, the people aren’t the only great thing about Canada, it’s also one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. It’s not surprising when you consider that 90% of the country is uninhabited. The untouched wilderness is as beautiful as you think and these Instagram feeds capture that (and some of the habited places too 👍). So, here are 7 Canada Instagram feeds you need to follow:

Explore Canada

It’s probably a no brainer that the official Canada Instagram is on this list. Explore Canada curates the best pictures of the country from the gorgeous mountain ranges, to the cities, and the forests.

Great North Collective

The Great North Collective is a community of photographers that document life in Canada from different people and perspectives.

Jordan Herschel

One of the most unique things about Jordan Herschel’s feed is that he is able to capture the beautiful spectrum of colors from around the country, which is incredible coming from a country covered in white.

Emilie Gagnon

What makes Emilie Gagnon’s feed so great is that instead of showing the landscape of Canada, she shows the country from the ground including the architecture, the stores, the people.


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Featured Feeds:

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