How to Keep Up With New York Fashion Week Men’s on Instagram

Here’s all you need to view New York Fashion Week Men’s through Social Media

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.19.51 PM After several years of talks, the Council for Fashion Designers of America has finally launched New York Fashion Week Men’s, a showcase of the best men’s fashion for Spring/Summer 2016. Designers like Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, and Michael Kors are all participating in the landmark event that begins this week. In addition to the over 50 participating designers, celebrities like NY Giants player Victor Cruz, actor Darren Criss, and model Tyson Beckford are all part of the celebration.

Naturally, Instagram is aglow with beautiful pictures of the preparation, fashions, and the showcases themselves. So throw on a blazer, smize like Tyra’s in the room, and strike your best pose because here is everything you need to keep up with New York Men’s Fashion Week on Instagram.

For this collection we included some of the top designers and fashion bloggers and filtered their posts with the official NYFWM hashtags. Here are some of the feeds we included: Garciavelez

Garciavelez is one of the first showcases of the week and boasts an ahead of the curve feed that shows all his pieces being featured.

Parke and Ronen

Parke and Ronen has been giving Instagrammers a taste of the preparation for the show from casting to designing.


Plac Jeans has one of the most consistent and beautiful feeds of all the brands showcased at New York Men’s Fashion Week.

Paul Reitz

Paul Reitz is a gifted fashion photography who is covering all the best looks from each showcase.

Men’s Fashion Post

Men’s Fashion Post brings you all you can ever want involving Men’s Fashion. For NYFWM they’re covering all the showcases you could ever want.

+ 11 More Feeds

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