The Most Talented Graphic Designers you Need to Follow on Instagram

The best Graphic Design Instagram feeds to fulfill your art craving

graphic designers instagram

From your copy of The Fault in Our Stars to the beer you’re holding in your hand right now (that’s right, we know. #nojudgement), Graphic Designers have had their hand in countless images you see everyday. They’re the embodiment of design skill and artistic talent, which is why their Instagram feeds are so beautiful.

These designers will make you wish you had even just a fraction of their talent. From gorgeously painted pictures that you would think were done on a computer to simple phrases written on a sketchpad, these instagram feeds make design seem effortless. Check out the best Graphic Designers on Instagram!

Jon Contino

If you’re look for designs put into action, then Jon Contino’s feed is the one for you. He often shares his work when it has been brought to life, from beer cases to lemon ball boxes (whatever that is).

Steven Harrington

Steve Harrington is unlike anyone on this list. His hand painted surreal designs are so precise that they look like they were done digitally. His fanciful work is wholly unique and can even be yours.

Rodrigo Corral

You’ve probably seen Rodrigo Corral’s work before and not even realized it. He’s designed book covers for Junot Diaz, Chuck Palahniuk, and John Green. Yup, he’s the mastermind behind The Fault in Our Stars cover.

Sean McCabe

There isn’t quite anyone on Instagram that makes lettering look so effortless. Sean McCabe’s page doesn’t only act as an art page, but also motivation for any burgeoning artists.

June Digan

It’s almost unbelievable what June Digan can do with water color. So unbelievable in fact that you can’t help but question whether or not some of her work was done by hand or digitally.


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