The Best Underwater Photographers on Instagram

Photo by Elena Kalis
Photo by Elena Kalis

For some reason, doing stuff underwater that you can do on land feels so much cooler (like underwater basket weaving or underwater guitar playing). That’s why we curated an underwater photography collection featuring some of our favorite photographers and photojournalists whose feeds include seals, humans, dolphins and more. BRB – we have to go get our scuba diving certification. In the meantime, take a dive into our new collection below!

Photo by
Photo by Her Campus

Elena Kalis

Elena Kalis is an underwater photographer based in the Bahamas. Her Instagram mostly includes female models and the occasional stingray.

Brian Skerry

Brian Skerry is basically underwater 24/7 as a photojournalist for National Geographic specializing in marine life and underwater environments. His Instagram is filled with dolphins, seals and every other type of animal you’ve always wanted to swim with.

Brooke Dombroski

Brooke Dombroski is a photographer based in Hawaii, so she’s basically on a permanent vacation. Her feed captures her Hawaiian adventures beautifully, leaving us all filled with envy (unless you also live in Hawaii.)

+5 More Feeds

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