Instagram Artists that Play with Their Food

Some of our favorite food artists on instagram

Photo by Ida Skivenes
Photo by Ida Skivenes

These Food Artists paint a whole new and delicious picture of the phrase “playing with your food.” We didn’t realize food could get more fun because we were too busy eating it, but man were we wrong! It turns out, if you’re patient enough to not eat the food, you can make some really cool art with it. If you do attempt to make any of these yourself, try not to make your food art come out like this. For those of you who love to cook, don’t mind cooking and/or spend a lot of time viewing photos of food, these Instagram accounts are must-follows.

Photo by
Photo by Gif Motions

Ida Skivenes

Ida Skivenes is basically the queen of Food Art according to a lot of Internet articles. All of her creations are her own and we know it’s hard to believe, but the photos are so cute, you almost don’t even want to eat them (but you would if you could).

Tisha Cherry

Tisha Cherry whips up incredible portraits like Mr. Tyson above, as well as themed food art (think: America’s Birthday and Jaws the movie).

Shay Aaron

If you’ve never uttered an “aww” after seeing a photo of food before, prepare to do so because Shay Aaron makes the cutest food models you’ll ever see. Shay Aaron is a self proclaimed miniaturist and even makes food accessories for those of you who have an unquenchable desire to wear macaron jewelry.

+4 More Feeds

Get Mashfeed for iPhone to view the “Food Art” collection under Food and Drink. It’s like edible arrangements, but better!


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