Keep it Wild with the Best Wildlife Instagram Feeds

Lions and Tigers and Photographers, oh my!

Photo by
Photo by Stefan Unterthiner

We really wish we could chill with penguins and jaguars all day long like a lot of the photographers in our new “Into the Wild” collection. We strongly feel that all of these Instagram feeds have the necessary koalifications to meet your desire to look at awesome pictures of animals, often in their natural habitats. From unBEARably cute giraffes to fin-tastic sharks, you’ll want to switch careers to wildlife photography or zoology immediately after viewing this collection. We promise we’re not lion.

Stefano Unterthiner

Stefano Unterthiner, a contributing photographer for National Geographic, is best known for telling stories with pictures of the animals he photographs and basically living with them for long periods of time. Where do we sign up to live with baby polar bears?

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo’s Instagram features quality photos of all kinds of wild animals. If you don’t have time to visit the zoo, their Instagram is a pretty nice substitute!

National Wildlife Federation

When they’re not too busy protecting wildlife and saving the world (#nbd), the National Wildlife Federation offers a close and personal peak into the lives of all kinds of animals through their Instagram feed.

National Geographic Wild

National Geographic is a must-follow in general, but this feed features wildlife photography exclusively and brings us into the world of wild animals all from the comfort of your smart phone.

+ 5 More Feeds

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