Embark On Your Summer Adventure with These Instagram & YouTube Feeds

Photo by https://instagram.com/bennnnnnnngie/
Photo by Ben Giesbrecht

For those of you who can’t stay in the same city for more than a month or those of you that love a good vacation every now and then, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite adventurous feeds on Instagram and YouTube. We all need a good adventure in our lives every now and again, or at the very least, watch other people embark on their own. The feeds we chose are wonderfully diverse and range from people providing travel tips to people jumping off cliffs constantly for fun. In honor of summer and in honor of getting out of your comfort zone (or engaging with your fear of heights), here are our picks for the “Nomads” collection:

Kyle Frost

Kyle is a photographer and designer based in Boulder, Colorado. He makes sure to take us with him on his Colorado adventures with his Instagram feed as he conquers huge mountains and takes life one day at a time.

Louis Cole

Louis is a traveling video blogger who uploads daily videos to YouTube about his life. He’s incredibly creative and you’ll be amazed about the quality of his videos and all his entertaining ideas.

Ben Giesbrecht

Ben is a traveling photographer based in Vancouver who brings us into his world with his Instagram feed and even introduces us to some of his travel companions.

Sonia Gil

Sonia literally takes us all around the world with her and provides insanely awesome travel tips and tricks like how to talk to strangers and how to not gain weight while traveling (even though all we want to do is eat all the pasta Italy has to offer).

Alex Strohl

Alex is a french photographer and traveler. His photos capture nature beautifully and because he’s constantly moving around his photos are always different and unique. Where do we sign up to travel and take pictures all day long?!

+ 14 More Feeds

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