Folded Paper Never Looked So Good with these Amazing Origami Instagram Feeds

Here are the best Instagram accounts featuring the most amazing origami creations

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At some point, I’m sure you’ve tried your hand at the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, better known as origami. Whether or not your attempt ended up with a beautiful paper crane or just a crumpled up piece of paper depends on natural talent. Well, the people who run these Instagram and YouTube feeds definitely have that natural talent.

From every type of flower imaginable to animals from every corner of the globe, it seems that there’s nothing these paper folders can’t do. Check out the best origami Instagram feeds:

Wenche Lise Fossland

What makes Wenche Lise Fossland’s Origami Instagram feed so unique and impressive is that she doesn’t just make the pieces, she also photographs them gorgeously so that her feed can be appreciated by origami and photography lovers alike.

Ross Symons

This talented paper folder takes such simple photos of his intricate designs, however those simple photos are so beautiful in their own right that you’ll find yourself obsessively scrolling down his feed for more.

Céline C

Though Céline’s feed may lack the variety of some feeds, she makes up for it with her beautiful and colorful arrangements of her work.

Robby Kraft

Some of Robby Kraft’s work is so incredible that you could mistake it for a sculpture made out of metal or clay. He embraces the texture of the paper to give the paper figures a life like quality.

Meire Hirata

While most of the people on this list fold paper and allow the result to be the art, Meire instead use the pieces as her medium for a larger piece of art. The result is an incredible array of installations that look like they belong in the MoMA.

+ 5 More Feeds

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