Most Delicious Desserts on Instagram & YouTube

Here are the most delicious Instagram and YouTube feeds featuring desserts and baking tutorials.

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Photo by Dennis The Prescott

As back-to-school ads approach and our summer bods become plumper in order to prepare for fall, it seems as though some baking inspiration is heavily needed. When it comes to dessert, you either go big or go home. There is no such thing as having one cookie unless it’s a giant cookie. With that said, it is important to know how to make giant cookies and cakes and be able to pursue all of your baking desires. It’s also important to look at photos of dessert on Instagram. Needless to say, I think we have all of the baked goods you need to get you through fall AND winter with our new “Sweet Tooth” collection featuring some of the most delicious feeds from Instagram and YouTube.

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Photo by NBC

Warning: These dessert feeds will leave you drooling, so make sure people are aware of the splash zone that is your mouth.

Let Me Eat Cake

Let Me Eat Cake’s feed is all dessert all the time (why would you want anything different). Natassia, the founder is obsessed with all things sugar related and is a passionate dessert connoisseur.

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna is well known for her YouTube cooking channel “Nerdy Nummies” where she bakes different desserts modeled after television and video game characters/themes. She’s super creative and her videos are fun and playful to watch.


Coolhaus brings architecture and ice cream together as an unexpected combo. The founders combined their interest in architecture and food together to create Coolhaus or “Cool House,” referring to the ice cream sandwiches they frequently make. They love to create hand made, new and unique desserts. We didn’t know architecture and food went so well together!

Simply Bakings

Simply Bakings does exactly what its name suggests and provides short and simple videos on how to make various desserts. This channel is awesome for people who are on a time crunch and need to bake a dessert that won’t take 8 hours to make.

+ 6 More Feeds

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