Best Gardening Feeds on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube

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Photo by Favim

Since we struggle to keep our plants alive and have no idea how to grow our own vegetables, we were curious about the world of gardening. Growing your own garden can be really rewarding, but also difficult and sometimes time consuming. If you’re anything like us, being a ‘beginner’ is an understatement and you can’t tell one flower from another. We’ve compiled a list of gardening feeds from Instagram, Twitter and YouTube that help make gardening simpler, cheaper and all around more fun. However, if you’re an expert gardener or fall somewhere in between, these feeds will give you incredible tips and how-to’s that you won’t want to miss out on. We’ve never bean so relieved to have such a comprehensive list. Lettuce take a look:

Urban Gardeners Republic

This feed features photos taken by gardeners across Instagram under their ‘urbangardenersrepublic’ hashtag. They are the biggest online gardening community and often provide tips and inspiration. A lot of their photos make us look forward to eating our veggies.

Cali Kim

Cali Kim shows us how to garden in a way that’s economically feasible and convenient. She also narrates her videos with helpful tips and how-to’s.

Gardening Know How

This feed is essentially dedicated to answering all of your gardening questions. They also post in depth articles about things like creating patio gardens and how to keep kangaroos out of your garden (a valid concern).

+11 More Feeds

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