10 Instagram Feeds to Help You Plan Your Trip to Italy

The best Italy Instagram Feeds that’ll make you hop on a plane to Europe!

discover italy

Mommy┬áMia. Leaning tower of Pizza. Um… pasta. Okay, we may not be the most cultured about Italy, but we sure think it’s a gorgeous country. While not everyone can just jump on a plane and fly to Milan for Fashion Week, you can still look at the beauty the country has to offer. Not just the tourist destinations like the colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Piza (yeah, we know what it’s called), everything from the countryside to the food to the people. These great Instagram feeds have everything to make you feel like you’re right in the middle of Rome.

Darius Arya

@saverome is an interesting feed since… well, it’s trying to save Rome. Darius Arya documents the crumbling classic architecture or Rome as well as the effort to save it.

Nicolee Drake

Italy is already gorgeous on a surface level, but Nicolee Drake digs even deeper. She looks more closely at the architecture, streets, and food. If you want a fresh look at Italy, then @cucinadigitale is for you!

Mattia Bonavida

If you’re looking for more of a rural trip through the Italian countryside, then @mattiabonavida can take you through with a gorgeous lens of the untouched beauty of North Italy.

Not My Nonni

Think of Not My Nonni as the older more Italian version of Humans of New York. The feed featured older people around the streets of Italy to give both respect to the subjects and the country.

Gillian Longworth McGuire

The greatest thing about Gillian McGuire’s Instagram feed is that it is HER experience through Italy. You see what she sees, eats, and does and it gives you a great look at what an extended Italian vacation looks like.

+ 5 More Feeds

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