Explore Must-Follow Artists on Instagram for Some Creative Inspiration

Photo by lizc2013.weebly.com
Photo by Weebly

Being an artist is probably stressful (not that we would know from firsthand experience). After cleaning your paintbrushes, your work space and/or your hands, you’re supposed to try to sell your work or at least get it out into the public somehow. It all sounds exhausting. Luckily, we live in 2015 and you can put all your gorgeous art online. Instagram is one of the best ways to do this since you can connect with other artists just like yourself. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of some of must-follow artists on Instagram for those of you who dabble in art and for those of you who live and breathe it.

Gif by joyreactor.com
Gif by Joy Reactor


Luftaffe takes drawing on coffee cups to a whole new level with his brilliantly creative drawings and the hashtag ‘fakecoffeebranding.’ Each post is a new coffee cup drawing.

Sam Larson

Sam is a freelance artist based in Portland, Oregon. He shares all of his drawings and designs with us via his Instagram feed. Judging by his photos, he is fond of drawing animals, which is great since we would easily look at pictures of animals all day if we could.

Alex Nero 


Alex works out of New York City and combines a little bit of science with his art by experimenting with how paint and water react to each other. His feed reflects his creativity and unique aspects of his art projects.


Our doodles definitely didn’t look like these when we were scribbling in our notebooks during math class in high school. Our specialties included stick figures and tic-tac-toe. This feed features all kinds of awesome doodle sketches ranging from too much spaghetti to a human heart with a face.

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