Bookmarauder’s Top Ten Favorite Bookstagram Feeds

Superstar Instagrammer Mara Jacob shares her favorite bookstagram accounts on Instagram

best bookstagram accounts

We teamed up with Mara Jacob, better known as @bookmarauder on Instagram, who we featured as one of our favorite book instagram feeds, to bring you her top 10 favorite social media feeds! Bookstagrams are the hottest new thing on Instagram with countless accounts bringing you book recommendations, pictures of their impressive libraries (that we’re completely jealous of), and just gorgeous looks into what they’re reading.

Mara’s Instagram feed includes such gorgeously arranged pictures of her incredible library of books (often paired with adorable Funko pop figures) that are arranged in ways that’ll make a professional photographer bow down. Mara’s Instagram is truly the embodiment of a love of books and she (and we) is thrilled to share with you some of her favorite bookstagram accounts!

We’ll just let Mara do the talking now. Enjoy!

Ziba’s account is full of gorgeous editions of classics and screenplays. She also blends in pictures of her real life travels, true to the motto of the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page. Her feed is one of the most stunning and adventurous of the community and one I envy. A lot. My Bookstagram BFF knows her quality content.


Emily is my book queen and it’s no wonder why. Her pictures burst with quirkiness and colors, and her love for graphic novels and great YA literature makes me check for her updates both on Instagram and YouTube religiously every day. All hail the Queen of Bookstagram!


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Formulation. #damnlookatmeflyingthroughbooksagainimbasicallybarryallen Okay hear me out. I enjoyed this book, but when I really think about it, I realise that most of my reasons for enjoying it have nothing to do with what Kasie West came up with. What elevated this book is the fact that it's really fun to read, and really addicting. But I feel like the only reason that is, is that it borrows so much from tropes that have already been proven to work in YA novels. The cute, almost dream-like romances. The stereotypical characters that are found in every story. The super power aspect of the plot that is included for a fun twist, but is never really explained. All of these things are what make the book enjoyable, but they don't belong to the story. In other words, there's nothing original that Kasie West introduces to elevate the book. At it's core it's just a really good 'by the numbers' story. You might still be struggling to see my point, so let me keep going. Because this felt like a very 'by the numbers' story, like I said before, everything just feels formulaic and lacklustre. I didn't connect with the characters because they just felt like really good impersonations of great characters I've read before. I didn't enjoy the plot as much as I was hoping to because I felt like things were conveniently left out and conveniently introduced, like not much thought had gone into weaving the story. Yes this was an addicting story. Yes I smiled at parts and felt sad at others. But in the end I feel like this novel is like a painting that incorporates so many different styles and so many different impersonations, that it eventually just loses itself, it just becomes a mish-mash of everyone else. Which is ironic when you think about the conversation Addison and Trevor have about trying to find themselves. I would only recommend if you're looking for a nice story to pass the time, and not if you're hoping to read something unique. ★★★☆☆

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Oh my, Emmanuel’s account is utter perfection. Even though I’ve only discovered it recently, I cannot imagine a time when his perfectly composed pictures were not on my home feed. If you want Bookstagram perfection here is where to go looking for it.

Nanna’s account is the mermaid amongst us all. It’s a rainbow of books and cats and happiness that fills your home feed with metaphorical pots of gold and feelings.


One of the most sophisticated accounts of the community, Abeer manages to capture the contrast between literature and modernity in her picture compositions perfectly. Her feed makes me feel like I’m stepping into a library of old books for the very first time – ecstatic, soothed and deliriously happy all at once.

Adam takes book photography to a whole new level. His feed is gloriously artsy and peculiar, and inspires me to do better with my own every day.


The Instagram account of one of UK’s finest book blogs, Daphne’s pictures are bright and colorful and amongst the most dazzling. Hardcovers, paperbacks and ARCs are expertly mixed with wonderful trinkets and accessories. A brilliant account featuring the best book recommendations there are.


If you like great books, blue hair and pineapples, Dylan’s your account to go for. He’s one of my most favourite because he’s such an incredibly genuine bookworm whose passion for reading and photography rubs off on you. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s got great taste in books, too.


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A fellow German Bookstagrammer who plays with the concepts of black and white versus color, book versus gravity, Carina is a longtime favourite of mine. Her pictures are remarkable and instantly recognizable, which makes her a must-follow-account.


I have claimed Kate, the author of Dark Days and The Wanderers, as my Instagram feed twin. Or so I’d wish. There aren’t a lot of words needed to describe her account other than one: epic.

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