Keep Stylish with the Best Men’s Fashion Instagram Feeds to Get Outfit Inspiration

Get inspiration for your outfits from these amazing men’s fashion Instagram feeds

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Your days of cargo shorts, wife-beaters, and sandals with socks are over, and should have been a long time ago. You can’t cut it wearing last year’s fashions. The world is cruel and judgmental, especially when you’re wearing crocs. However, with that new world we also have technology that can help us seem like we have style. These Instagrammers make it easy. From designers, to stylists, to magazines, to just generally well dressed people, this is one collection that all guys need in their lives.

Now-a-days it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest styles as a guy, but we’ve got you covered. See the latest trends and get inspired with these 10 great Men’s Fashion Instagrams.

Justin Livingston

Justin Livingston is that stylish friend you wish you had to help you take the shambles of your wardrobe and make them into presentable outfits. Honestly, I can’t describe his feed any better than amazing!

Guys with Style
Guys with Style beings you the latest in men’s fashion from high fashion to more traditional street wear. From shoes to jewelry, it has quickly become an essential to men’s lifestyle and fashion.


GQ magazine may very well be the authority on men’s fashion and their feed shows that. From the latest runway fashions to styled celebrities, it’s one of the best ways to keep up with the latest styles.


jprstyling is a style consultant in Houston who Instagrams his work as well as the trending looks at red carpet events. His page is essentially a love letter to style and brings you content that true gentleman should see.


Yummertime is as much a style blog as it is a lifestyle blog, however their Instagram feed gives you a taste of both in a gorgeous fashion that makes it easy to appreciate their pictures as art and for the style in them.


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