French Instagram Feeds You Have to Follow

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Photo by Zastavki

For those of you living in France (or taking a vacay there), we’re incredibly jealous of all the wine and cheese you get to consume on a daily basis, especially if you’re in Paris and get to eat wine and cheese right under the Eiffel Tower. Seriously, where was our invite? One of the best parts about Instagram is that it allows us to see parts of the world that we might not otherwise ever see. Another benefit is that location based photographers are able to showcase their work and the beautiful cities and countries they live in. Even if you haven’t taken that honeymoon or study abroad trip to France just yet, we’ve got you covered with our “Discover France” collection including all the French Instagram feeds you have to follow!

VuTheara Kham

With 1 million followers, VuTheara gives credit to Instagram for discovering his passion for photography in 2011. His feed is filled with beautiful french architecture, landscapes and the occasional puppy.


Kapstand takes an upside down approach to photography…literally. Each photo is of him doing a handstand in gorgeous locations throughout France, leaving his photos as beautiful as they are clever.

Lindsey Tramuta

Lindsey is a food and travel writer based in Paris, France. She maintains an impressive blog and Instagram feed, mainly taking photos of wherever she happens to be that day and of course, delicious looking french meals.


This list obviously wouldn’t be complete without an Instagram feed dedicated to #frenchfood, so we added in a popular french chef based in Paris. Along with drool-inducing photos of food, he also adds in the occasional landscape photo showcasing France’s natural beauty.

+9 More Feeds

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