The Best Freerunning and Parkour Instagram and YouTube Feeds

Freerunners, parkourists, and people that just like watching them, check out these gravity defying free running and parkour Instagram and YouTube feeds!


To most of us lowly mortals, Parkour looks like this impossible feat that few superhumans can achieve. Lucky for us, those super humans use social media so we can bask in their greatness. The Instagram feeds in this list defy gravity, the ability of the human body, and what we can even imagine doing. From back flips, to insane jumps, and running like it’s nobodies business, the freerunners in this collection are sure to make you want to learn hard core parkour… or at least just make you look at pictures and videos of it from your couch. Check out the best Freerunning and Parkour Instagram and YouTube feeds below!

Lucas Wilson

Lucas Wilson is unadulterated and pure parkour at its best. With incredible and nearly impossible shots of different stunts and incredible videos of free running, it’s the perfect feed for anyone that does or is a fan of parkour.

Alpha Parkour Movements

If you’re looking for the same impossible looking stunts the other feeds show, but set to amazing locations and places, then Alpha Parkour Movements is for you!

Steve Zavitz

What makes Steve Zavitz’s Instagram feed so special is that he doesn’t just show static parkour videos that just show a move. He turns them into art.Β His gorgeous cinematography of free runners look like short films in themselves and are all set to the beautiful backdrop of Brooklyn.


LaFlairPrakour features incredibly shot and edited Parkour documentaries including “Off the Edge: A Freerunning Web Series” which shows a tour of free runners making their way around the world doing what the do best. Free running, if you couldn’t tell.

Sam Blattner

From high flying photos to insane videos that make you sad about your generally unathletic self, Sam Blattner’s feed gives a fun look into the talented parkourist’s training and incredible stunts.

+ 7 More Feeds

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