Keep up with Your Favorite Brooklyn Bands on Instagram & Twitter


Us New Yorkers are spoiled to have one of the greatest art scenes in the world, and a lot of that is attributed to the Brooklyn art community, especially the music scene. Some of the best indie artists have come out of Brooklyn, from Dirty Projectors to Grizzly Bear and many in between. Social Media has become an integral part to a band’s success. From getting their music out there to promoting shows, it gives even the smallest artists a chance to be seen. For many local bands, it’s the best to break out of their niche scenes and reach a bigger audience. Keep up with what some of the hottest Brooklyn bands are doing on Instagram and Twitter Brooklyn Bands collection and maybe even discover one you never knew about!

Moon Hooch

This unique band truly uses social media to its greatest capacity by showing everything they’re doing. From performances to writing and recording, the band keeps their fans updated and informed about what they’re up to.

Bear Hands

Are you looking for a quirky hilarious Twitter feed that also happens to belong to an indie rock band out of Brooklyn? Then the Bear Hands Twitter is the one for you!

The Drums

A band that never lost its artistry through all their years, The Drums social media page feature gorgeous photos of their performances as well as fun glimpses into what it’s like to tour with the band.

American Authors

One of the most recent success stories of a local band with their hit “Best Day of My Life” hitting the mainstream. Their Instagram feed is a great way to keep track of the band on tour as they enjoy their new found success.

San Fermin

From writing to recording to touring, the pop band San Fermin is sure to give fans an inside look into what everyday life is like for the band.

+ 5 More Feeds

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