Keep Up with What’s Happening at Rutgers with Mashfeed

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There’s so much more to Rutgers than the bus system, fat sandwiches and this message:

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With over 450 clubs and organizations, there are about ten events going on during any given day…AND there’s usually free food and/or free stuff. However, since there are so many people (40,000 undergraduates) and clubs, it can be almost impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on. Lucky for you, we’ve curated a collection using the Mashfeed app to stay up to date with what’s going on around campus. The collection is made up of popular and informative Twitter, Instagram and YouTube feeds of the main organizations around campus. (Think: the Daily Targum, RUPA and RU Get Involved). Stay up to date with all things Rutgers while waiting for an ‘F’ bus, eating a fat sandwich or waiting for class to start.

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Photo by NBC


The Rutgers University Programming Association hosts over 150 events per year all over campus. They also get popular singers, comedians, actors and more to perform at some of these events. #TBT to when DJ Snake came to RU last year #turndownforwhat.

RU Get Involved

RU Get Involved keeps you informed about all the events happening on campus. Follow them on Twitter and you’ll literally never not know what’s going on.

Humans of RU

Based off of the popular Humans of New York Facebook and Instagram pages, Humans of Rutgers University provides a similar perspective with images and quotes from the humans that make up Rutgers.


The Rutgers University Television Network has been around for over 15 years with programs covering topics like education, news and entertainment. RU-tv is accessible through cable and now online!

+8 More Feeds

Get Mashfeed for iPhone to view the “All Things Rutgers” collection or make a collection to keep up with what’s happening at your University!


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