15 Up & Coming Fashion Bloggers You Have to Follow on Instagram

The Rising Stars of the Fashion Blogging Community, Brought to You by Mashfeed User TheKelleyDoll

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As Fall Fashion Week kicks off in NYC, all eyes in the fashion world will turn to the runways for a glimpse at the latest trends. Instead of highlighting #NYFW heavyweights like Hervé Léger & Lauren Conrad (yes – that Lauren Conrad), we thought we’d focus on a few members of the fashion blogging community that are well on their way to the big leagues.

This week, we’re featuring a collection of must-follow Up & Coming Fashion Bloggers on Instagram, curated by one of the most prolific Mashfeed users: Maya, a.k.a. TheKelleyDolly. A fashion blogger herself, Maya has curated quite the selection of fashion-inspired Mashfeed collections, and we encourage you to check them out here. Whether you’re the next Anna Wintour or are trying to not wear sweatpants everyday, Maya’s “Up & Coming Fashion Bloggers” collection is perfect for celebrating New York Fashion Week. Being fashion conscious can be tough, but lucky for us, these rising stars of the fashion blogging community are here to help us out.

Here are 15 Up & Coming Fashion Bloggers you have to follow on Instagram!

Photo by favim.com
Photo by Favim

Raysa Garcia

Raysa Garcia keeps her Instagram feed fresh with not only outfits, but jewelry, shoes and makeup too. Her style is relatively simple and she always makes sure to let us know where she gets her outfits and accessories!

Careese Quon

Careese Quon, based in California, started her fashion blog to explore her own personal style and share it with other fashionistas. Her feed is filled with chic outfits, sassy poses and the occasional foodstagram.

Carmel Therese

Choosing the perfect outfit isn’t always easy and in Carmel Therese’s eyes, it’s an art form. She created her blog to share her creativity with fashion and to show where her inspiration comes from. She keeps her feed fresh by taking a lot of outdoorsy photos, revealing her desire for visual appeal.

Jenny Plog

Jenny Plog’s passion for fashion has been strong since she was a little girl, according to her blog. Her Instagram feed focuses on street-chic outfit choices and range from cute business casual to fun weekend outfits.

Emilie Higle

Emilie Higle is a french fashion blogger who gets to travel between New York, Luxembourg and Paris, basically living every fashion blogger’s dream. Her feed mostly consists of her outfits and very attractive meals.

Natasha Ndlovu

Natasha Ndlovu, based in London, wears many hats as a model, blogger and photographer. Her feed lets us peak into her outfits and her life.

Lisa DiCicco Cahue


Lisa DiCicco Cahue is the founder of Mind Body Swag, a personal and lifestyle blog that explores her love of fashion. Lisa’s feed showcases her fashion choices and takes us on all her adventures since she loves to travel as well.


Stephanie Konkle is a fashion blogger based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her feed is bubbly, bright and blonde. She updates her fashion blog regularly and is sure to tell us about her experiences with all the outfits she wears.

Savvy Soles

Savvy Soles is a fashion blog run by two sisters, Ashlyn and Sarah, based in Utah. They delve into beauty and fashion outfits under $100, keeping fashion and finances in mind.

Nicolette Stocks


Nicolette Stocks is a family oriented fashion blogger based in California. She humbly began her blog based out of pure love for fashion. Her feed is filled with dazzling colors and the occasional Starbucks drink.


“Personal style acts as a uniting force among women, providing a creative platform on which we learn and draw inspiration from one and other on a global scale.” Brooke perfectly sums up personal style on her blog and regularly posts photos of her outfits on her Instagram.

Christine Andrew

Christine Andrew’s blog explores current fashion trends and offers a lot of unique style advice. Her feed is dedicated to fashion and it doesn’t hurt that her adorable son makes it into some of the photos.

Mary Orton

Mary Orton’s feed focuses on style options for the working woman, making business casual chic and fun.

Tilden x To Be Bright

Tilden Brighton believes that personal style and fashion defines us in a lot of ways and is often reflective of who we are as people. Her feed consists of daily fashion choices she makes.

Erika Fox

Based in New York City, Erika Fox’s feed is filled with fashion, inspiration and her various adventures. She blogs about a number of things including fashion (of course), travel, hair and more.

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