10 Great Cycling Instagram Feeds Everyone Needs to Follow

Get riding with these amazing Cycling Instagram feeds


From the hills of France to the mud of the southern US, cyclists are the ultimate globetrotters who aren’t bound by borders. These high caliber athletes have nearly superhuman endurance that makes watching them work an incredible experience. Needless to say, this sport isn’t your neighborhood friends racing around the block.It’s a sport that’s admired by many, and now it’s even easier to admire it with our “Cycling” collection on Mashfeed. So grab your bike, throw on a helmet, and check out these great cycling Instagram feeds.

Jered Gruber

Cycling is a worldwide sport that can be appreciated from in any part of the world, and Jered Gruber makes it easy to do that. His incredible photos show him cycling in the most beautiful locales. From France to Hong Kong, this globetrotter is for cyclists enthusiasts and novices alike.

The Radavist

If you’re looking for an unadulterated look at cycling, then look no further than The Radavist. This feed featured gorgeous pictures of bicycles, to trials, to tricks. It’s a catch all for any cycling fans.

Preferred Mode

If Humans of New York started¬†anything, it’s a wave of “Humans of” social media feeds. However, this is one that is worth following. Preferred mode shows people whose preferred mode of transportation is cycling, mostly from their home city of New York, but also around the world.

Firefly Bicycles

On the other side of cycling, Firefly Bicycles shows the artistry that goes into creating a Bicycle. However, these aren’t just your average Toys R’ Us bikes with a basket on the front and tassels on the handlebars. These are gorgeously crafted pieces of art that are given their due in this feed.

+ 6 More Feeds

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