How to Keep Up with College News & Updates on Social Media

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College is ridiculously fun. It’s that point in your life where you’re able to do nearly anything you want (even if that’s waiting one month to do your laundry). You can wake up at 2pm, eat ice cream for breakfast and leave your room a mess. On the same token, it’s very overwhelming to have to put on your adult pants and take on a lot more responsibility. We’re very lucky we can google things like “will my burrito explode if I leave tinfoil on it in the microwave?” On top of managing yourself and your super strict ramen noodle diet, you have to try to keep up with all the events and meetings going on at your school. Have no fear, Mashfeed is here! Besides beer pong and staying caffeinated, social media is among the top strengths for college students. With Mashfeed, you can categorize your social media into different collections based on the theme (i.e. food, spring fashion etc.) Whether you’re a freshman or are a seasoned fifth year senior, Mashfeed can help you keep up with news and updates on social media at your college.

Download Mashfeed for iPhone.

Mashfeed is available for free in the App Store.

Create a collection

This is the fun part. Tap the “+”  button to create a new collection, then select the feeds to include in your list. Add in all of your school’s social media feeds. Mashfeed supports Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, so feel free to go crazy with it. Check out the All Things Rutgers collection we made for some inspiration.


Keep up with everything happening at your school

Mashfeed makes it easy to see all the things that are important to you on social media in real time. After making your college collection, you can add in or take out any feeds you want. For example, you can add your University’s official Instagram feed and add in the humorous YikYak twitter for your school (i.e Rutgers Yik Yak). There are endless possibilities! 

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Get Mashfeed for iPhone to start creating collections!

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