The Best Improv & Sketch Comedy Channels on YouTube

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Being funny is always a good character trait, whether it’s being witty at a moment’s notice or writing and acting out a funny skit. It takes a lot of creativity, intelligence and bravery to make people laugh. With YouTube’s prominence in today’s world, you don’t have to be on television to be an established and popular comedian. A lot of well-known and rising comedians, like Jenna Marbles and Jimmy Tatro, have been discovered on YouTube. Here at Mashfeed, we could literally watch funny sketches and parodies for hours at a time, which made this collection very fun to make. Stay entertained and never stop laughing with the best improv and sketch comedy channels on YouTube!

Warning: Your whole face will hurt from laughing so hard.

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Life According to Jimmy

Jimmy Tatro writes and stars in all of his hilarious videos, combining Total Frat Move and chill bro humor to create funny and engaging content.

Above Average

From the makers of popular shows like SNL and The Tonight Show, Above Average creates short, funny and often relatable clips featuring celebrities and rising stars.

Barely Productions

Barely Productions (formerly known as Barely Political) creates amazing sketches, as well as song parodies like the one above.

Improv Everywhere

Created in 2001 and based in New York City, Improv Everywhere seeks to create hilariously orchestrated chaos in public places. You may know them from their infamous no pants subway ride.

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