Must-Follow Wedding Photography on Instagram

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Weddings are among the best kind of celebrations combining cake, formal attire, alcohol and of course, true love. They’re basically huge parties with all your favorite people, filled with a lot of different moments that you’ll want to cherish forever. As tough as they are to plan, there is a lot of help thanks to technology. Wedding photographers are able to showcase their work on their websites and on Instagram, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your selfie-stick to your own wedding or someone else’s, to try to get some good shots. From top wedding photographers to helpful planning tips, here are our picks for must-follow wedding photography on Instagram. Our “Gorgeous Wedding Photography” collection will definitely get you excited about planning your big day!

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Katie Stoops

Katie is a wedding photographer and was actually named one of the top wedding photographers by Martha Stewart. She uses film and digital and maintains a “soft and unobtrusive” approach to weddings, according to her blog.

Love and You Video

Love and You is a cinematic wedding video company based in sunny, southern California. It is run by husband and wife, Mathew and Inese, who take a more personal approach to filming and editing wedding videos.

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty is literally everything you could possibly need at a wedding all rolled into one feed. They explore fashion, cakes, decor and more, not to mention that their feed is filled with gorgeous photos.

Jose Villa

Jose Villa, a wedding photographer and expert on all things weddings, published a book in 2011 called Fine Art Wedding Photography. His feed is filled with all of the beautiful photos he takes at various weddings.

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