10 Instagram Accounts Vinyl Junkies Need to Follow

Get spinning with the best vinyl instagram feeds


I think we’ve established that if our generation loves anything, it’s nostalgia. With that, Vinyls have come back with a vengeance (does that mean CDs are going to come back. Did they even leave?). Hipst- I mean, millennials have been buying so many vinyls that since 2007, vinyl sales have jumped over 200%. Even the biggest pop artists like Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry are getting in on the revival by releasing their albums on vinyl. Needless to say, you should go out to your closest Urban Outfitters and buy a record player today.

Along with any new fad, Social Media feeds start popping everywhere. The vinyl revival has sparked some of the best Instagram feeds on the internet. Check out our favorite Instagram accounts vinyl junkies need to follow.

Five Buck Vinyl

Shop for vinyls right on Instagram! Five Buck Vinyl offers vinyls for (you guessed it) five dollars! Well, the auction starts at $5, but if you don’t want to purchase anything you should still give them a follow. They post pictures of the best vinyls from recent years that’ll make you want to run out to your local record store.


Alex’s impressive record collection is on complete display (in addition to his family) in simple, yet fun photos that give you an idea of what the family is listening to.

Ed Belisle

If you’re looking for unadulterated photos of vinyls, then theangrykorean is right up you alley. With a perfect and simple look at the cover art and disc itself, it’s a great way to pick out your next vinyl treat.



Imagine seventy years of vinyl collecting. You just pictured the collection that dadsdiscdelights shows. With every vintage vinyl you could imagine, this is a music geek’s day dream.

Get Mashfeed for iPhone to view the complete “Vinyl Junkies” collection.

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