The Best Anime Feeds on Instagram & Twitter

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Anime is a widely known and loved style of Japanese film and television animation. The best part about it is that there are characters and shows geared toward people of all ages and walks of life. Anime has given rise to all kinds of annual cosplay and celebratory events. A lot of people have also turned to Twitter and Instagram to share their passions for anime, whether it’s Anime news or simply posting pictures of their favorite characters. That’s why we made a collection filled with the best anime feeds on Instagram and Twitter so you can keep up with all the shows and characters you love, all in one feed!

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Anime TV, run by Kei and Kat, posts daily about everything Anime News related. Their feed is very popular and celebrates anime in a unique and fun way.

Anime News Network

Anime News Network’s Twitter includes everything you need to know about Anime related news. Apart from news, their website also includes features and an Encyclopedia for those trying to learn Anime related terms.

Anime Expo

Anime Expo aims to bring fans and industry members together once a year for a celebration of Japanese pop culture. Their feed includes photos from their expos and even poll questions to try to see who fans want to see at the next anime expo.

All the Anime

All the Anime’s feed is the official twitter of UK distributor Anime Limited. Their company was founded intending to make quality anime content more accessible through DVD’s and online channels.

+9 More Feeds

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