10 Artists Every Comic Book Nerd Needs to Follow on Instagram

The best Comic Book Artists on Instagram


Comic Book nerds are quite possibly the largest and most vocal nerd fandom out there. I mean, Comic Con is one of the largest conventions in the world. Granted, TV and Movies are part of that, however the comic fandom still remains strong. This is apparent with the huge followings that comic book artists have on Instagram. From sketches to full panels to the best nerd freakout worthy content on the internet, here are the Instagram artists every comic book nerd has to follow!

Skottie Young

Skottie Young’s feed is a little bit more silly that some of the other’s on this list, however it shows his talent perfectly. From I Hate Fairyland to alternative covers of old classics (like the Guardians of the Galaxy above), Young’s feed will add some color and laughs to your collection. Plus, the beginning stage of panels are pretty cool too.

Vanessa R. Del Rey

If femme fatales and female superheroes are your speed, then Vanessa R. Del Rey’s feed is all for you. From the Scarlet Witch to pulp style femme fatales, Del Rey’s feed is a mix of styles and characters that will make any comic nerd’s head spin. For a bonus, check out some of the references she uses for sketches, then watch them come to life.


Looking to add some dark, brooding mystery to your collection? Jock’s will handily do that for you. Shadowy sketches of Batman rule his feed, so if you’re into the Dark Knight, you’re in the right place. However, in general his horror art is some of the best moody comic panels you’ll find on Instagram.

John ‘Roc’ Upchurch


Love classic and beautiful comic drawings, then John Upchirch’s Instagram is for you. In addition to amazing drawings of great characters, you can even buy the drawings and have them as your own! However, the best way to describe John is using his own words. He’s “the illist illustrator.”

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