The 10 Best Art Galleries You have to Follow on Instagram

Incredible art galleries that’ll add some culture to your Instagram feed


Have you ever dreamed of walking into a bright gallery with the most gorgeous art on the walls that you point at to purchase because you’re that cool? No? Well these art galleries will make you have that dream. This list is comprised of galleries that feature the best up and coming artists from some of the greatest metropolitan areas in the world. With gorgeous paintings, impossible sculptures, and pieces that’ll make you with you could see them in person, these galleries are certainly must sees for art lovers and novices alike. From San Francisco to the Big Apple, here are the best art galleries you have to follow on Instagram.

Javier Perés

Probably the most varied and eclectic feed on this list, Javier Perés is an art dealer who will give you a little taste of every kind of art. From more exotic figurines, to modern sculptures, and epic futuristic designs like the picture above, this feed is everything you want and more.

Spoke Art

San Francisco-based Spoke Art offers more paintings and prints than sculptures, but they are nonetheless beautiful and incredible to look at.

The Hole NYC

The unique abstract style of the gallery is perfected translated into their feed. With pictures of the incredible artwork that range from artwork to gorgeous installations, this is a feed essential for New Yorkers and more.

White Walls & Shooting Gallery

One of the most exciting things about Bay Area-based White Walls & Shooting Gallery is that you never know what your going to get. One week you can get a pixelated Jaws poster, then next it could be a painting of a revolt. It’s truly a catch all feed.

+ 6 More Feeds

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