10 Watches Instagram Feeds that Up to Date People Need to Follow

The Best Watches Feeds Guys Need to Check Out On Instagram


The clothes make the man, but the watch tells you what kind he is. Maybe we made that up, but to most men, watches are the only form of jewelry they wear, so they might as well get it right. These feeds will make it easy. From watch brands to watch fans and vintage to the new trendy look, these Instagram feeds will make you want to fill the vacant spot on your wrist. Check out our favorite watches Instagram feeds!


Their Instagram feed is pretty much their title. It’s all watches in Rome. However, it’s those people who are looking for fine and rare watches that this feed is best for.


Rare. Vintage. Chronographs. Are these words that appeal to you? Then @rarebirds.de is the feed you should be looking at. This feed is great if you’re a watch expert or novice.

Kristian Haagen

Sometimes it takes a true fan (and nerd) of something to get a great idea of the passion. Kristian Haagen is definitely that feed with his passionate captions and gorgeous pictures.

Meters First

If vintage watches are more your speed, then Meters First, vintage rolex specialists based in New York City, is the feed to go to.


Hodinkee is described as “the world’s leading online wristwatch magazine,” which is instantly apparent with their varied, but absolutley satisfying feed.

+ 5 More Feeds

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