Must-follow Up & Coming Yogis on Instagram

Here are our top picks for must-follow up and coming Yogis on Instagram

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Having a multitude of mental and physical benefits, Yoga has been recognized and encouraged as an extremely useful exercise that people from all over the world are practicing. A lot of Yogis and Yoga Teachers have amazing Instagram accounts, and post photos of poses, helpful how-tos and more for all their followers. Whether you’re just starting out or you live and breathe yoga, you have to see these must-follow up and coming yogis on Instagram. From the UK to California, these yogis will have you putting on your yoga pants and grabbing the nearest yoga mat!


Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin, based in Florida, is a yoga and spiritual life coach. As well as showcasing her incredible yogi skills, Jennifer also keeps her feed photos vibrant and colorful.

Andrew Sealy

Andrew Sealy is a yoga teacher based in California. His feed involves intricate yoga poses (that we couldn’t do even if we tried), including doing handstands on a cliff. 


As a yoga teacher based in the UK, Jojo explores various yoga poses on her feed, allowing her followers to see how the poses should be done. Her poise and elegance shine through her photos alone.

Miki Ash 

Miki Ash is a yoga instructor based in Los Angeles who makes her feed more about the art of yoga, taking photos from unexpected angles and poses.

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