The Best Gymnast Feeds to Follow on Instagram

Check out our top picks for the best gymnastics feeds on Instagram

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Photo by Darkroom Baltimore

In our minds, gymnasts are basically superheroes because they can almost fly when doing flips mid-air and they have superhuman flexibility. Being a professional gymnast takes discipline, strength, balance and definitely a little bit of courage to do all those back flips on a tiny beam. There’s so much poise and precision that goes into the sport itself. These are only some of the reasons why gymnasts have such great Instagram feeds. From professional gymnasts to feeds dedicated to the sport itself, these feeds will inspire you and make you want to get a trampoline. Whether you’re an aspiring professional gymnast or you simply enjoy the sport, here are the best gymnast feeds to follow on Instagram!

USA Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics  is the National Governing Body of Gymnastics, and enables us to keep up with everything having to do with gymnastics. They post and re-gram awesome videos and photos of gymnasts all over the U.S.

Jake Dalton

Jake Dalton has competed in several world and national championships, winning medals left and right. His feed lets us take a first class seat into his life and occasionally his hardcore gym routines.

Aly Raisman

On top of winning a gold medal in the Olympics, Aly Raisman also competed on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars. Her feed takes us into her personal life, as well as featuring adorable mini gymnasts in the making.

Rhythmic Gymnastics 

This feed focuses on rhythmic gymnastics specifically, posting gorgeous and incredible photos of people competing in rhythmic gymnastics.

John Orozco

John Orozo has competed in several world and national competitions like many of the other gymnasts featured in our collection. He often posts videos and photos of himself doing awesome gymnastics stunts.

+12 More Feeds

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