5 Best Science YouTube Channels to Educate Yourself

Pic by Death and Taxes Mag
Pic by Death and Taxes Mag

If you learned anything from Bill Nye, it should be that science can be fun! I mean, you get to do what seems like magic as a kid, but now it’s even more exciting to learn why things happen the way they do. From the science of bacon, to what happens when a CD shatters while playing, these are the things that these YouTube channels cover in entertaining and often hilarious fashion. Check out the best science YouTube channels and educate yourself a bit everyday!

The Slow Mo Guys

A lot of the popularity of science can be attributed to some of the stupidly fun stuff that people do to talk about it. I mean, look at Mythbusters. If that’s more up your alley, then the Slow Mo Guys is definitely for you! Dan and Gav do the most incredible and sometimes mundane stuff and slow down for you to show you the things you can’t see with your naked eye.


Do you find yourself questioning the bizarre? “What Pokemon can kill you?” “Can the kool-aid man really break through a wall?” These aren’t just random questions. These are the questions that Jake from Vsauce3 answers, the questions taken from fictional TV shows, movies, and books. And in Vsauce tradition, he does it with the perfect and entertaining tone that makes you coming back for every video.


A lot of people are visual learners, and AsapSCIENCE takes advantage of that to explain the science of everyday life. Using a white board and some fun images, the guys break down the science of anything in easy to swallow and often hilarious and fun bits that make learning enjoyable.

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