Must-Follow Tattoo Feeds on Instagram

Check out these must-follow tattoo artists and feeds on Instagram

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Tattoo artists are undeniably talented and incredibly creative individuals. We can’t even imagine how much skill it takes to draw something that will be permanently embedded on someone’s skin, but we can certainly recognize the talent it takes. (Can you imagine Mike Tyson walking into your tattoo shop and asking for a face tattoo?)  From Amsterdam to California, these tattoo artists dedicate their feeds to a lot of the amazing work they do on their clients. Whether you’re thinking about getting inked, or you’re covered from head to toe in tattoos, you have to check out these must-follow tattoo feeds on Instagram.

Tim Hendricks

Tim Hendricks, owner of Classic Tattoo, grew up learning how to tattoo people from his father. His feed features some of his clients and the intricate tattoos he has given them.

Salon Serpent Tattoo

Based in Amsterdam, Salon Serpent Tattoo’s feed focuses on the tattoos of clients, and the occasional photos of cool pins.

Nikko Hurtado

Nikko has loved drawing and art from a young age. He discovered tattooing as a creative outlet that came quite naturally to him. Nikko’s unique feed highlights a lot of incredibly real looking tattoos of famous people and characters.

Rose Hardy

Originally from New Zealand, Rose Hardy now works as a tattoo artist in New York. According to her website, she focuses on a traditional American style with a more decorative approach in terms of tattooing. While her feed features the work she does on her clients, you also get a peak into her life.

Myke Chambers

Myke Chambers owns a shop called Seven Swords Tattoo Company based in Philadelphia. He loves to travel and his feed definitely reflects that, as well as his love for tattoos.

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