10 Best Makeup Artist Instagram Feeds for Halloween Costume Inspiration


Break out your pumpkins, dust off your spell book, and cower in fear because halloween is here! And you know it’s going to be bubble bubble toil and trouble. We know, that was bad, but we’re just psyched for Halloween. We love the candy, the scary movies, and the costumes, don’t get us started. Too late! We already are off to the races. The costumes and makeup are two of the best things about Halloween, so obviously we had to make a list of the best makeup artists on Instagram for costume inspiration.

Damien Frost

Damien Frost’s dark and mysterious portraits are not only wonderfully gothic, but also great inspiration for the most unique Halloween costumes you’ll find on social media. Even better, you can order his photographs as prints!

Lyle Reimer

The best supplies for a costume could be all around you, and Lyle Reimer proves that. Granted, he is a professional makeup artist, but that doesn’t downplay how incredible his work is. From bags to polaroids to rulers, nothing is off limits for his work. Check out his feed, you won’t be sorry.

Alex Faction

Alex is the master of face paint. His work is incredible and ranges from completely realistic to downright bizarre. From terrifying clowns to a realistic black eye to a decaying body, it seems that there’s nothing Alex can’t do with makeup.



Are you at a loss for your Halloween costume this year? Take a note from SEKDEK and just splash some paint on your face. Although, your results probably aren’t going to be as amazing as the ones on these feeds.

+ 6 More Feeds

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