Stay Up to Date with These Must-Follow Tech News Feeds

Keep up with everything technology related with these must-follow tech news feeds on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

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We live in the most technologically advanced era ever. We are fortunate enough to use technology we have only ever dreamed of (or saw in Back to the Future) in our everyday lives. From those new “wannabe segways” to Apple’s smart watch, there is way too much new technology coming out to keep track of. Luckily, there are a ton of amazing sites and social media feeds dedicated to highlighting new technology, allowing us to keep up easily. Our app was even featured on TechCrunch, one of the feeds in our “Tech News” collection. You can check out their awesome review of Mashfeed here. Whether you’re the first person in line when a new gadget comes out, or want to read reviews of all your favorite apps, you have to see these must-follow tech news feeds on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Engadget has been covering technological devices since 2004. They have also recently started to explore the impact technology has on us.  Their feed remains both informative and esthetically appealing.


TechCrunch is an extremely popular entity that breaks new technology news, reviews apps, profiles start-ups and more. Their Twitter is updates regularly and is a must-follow for anyone obsessed with technology.


Re/code is similar to other tech news sites in the way that they do reviews and analysis, but what sets them apart is their goal to reimagine tech journalism in a unique way. Their Instagram feed highlights new technology, well-known tech people they interview and more!

Tech Radar

Tech Radar’s YouTube channel covers gadgets, home entertainment systems, computing and more. Their videos feature new technology and helpful advice about how to get the most out of new gadgets.

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