The Best Knitting Feeds on Instagram & YouTube

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Knitting and crocheting isn’t just your grandma’s hobby anymore. It’s a fun new way to create unique styles and designs that anyone can wear or use. Now that sweater weather is upon us, these feeds will be especially helpful; so grab your hot chocolate and your knitting needles folks! From Ireland to the UK, these knitting feeds will leave you casting Netflix aside as your hobby. Whether you’re a beginner, or could basically teach some of the tutorials in this collection, here are the best knitting and crocheting feeds on Instagram and YouTube.

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Andrea Mowry

Andrea Mowry is breaking the stereotype that knitting is reserved for grandmothers with her unique and stylish designs. Her feed is filled with her gorgeously chic creations.

All Free Knitting

All Free Knitting’s YouTube channel literally has it all, from beginner tutorials to giveaways, to more advanced knitting how-to videos. They also have a knitting store on their website in case you end up not wanting to knit your loved ones an entire sweater for Christmas.

Countess Ablaze

Based in the UK, Countess Ablaze brings bright and fun colors into her knitting style. She actually dyes her yarn to get them to be some of the colors she wants. Her feed features a lot of her creative projects.

Studio Knit

Studio Knit posts cute and fun videos, highlighting knitting how-tos, tips and fun projects. Knitting is certainly less intimidating with this channel.

Beata Jezek

Beata Jezek ownes Hedgehog Fibres, an artisan yarn and fibre dyeing studio in Ireland. Her feed offers a peak into the life of a yarn business owner and features some of her vibrant creations.

+15 More Feeds!

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