10 Brooklyn Artists You Must Follow on Instagram

Art magazine Hyperallergic shared their favorite Brooklyn Artists on Mashfeed


If there anything we love here at Mashfeed, it’s art. If there’s anything we’re obsessed with, it’s Brooklyn art and the artists that make it. Mashfeed user Hyperallergic put together a list of the top 10 Brooklyn Artist, who show the art they make and the art made by the community. It’s New York, it can’t get any better! Check out one of our favorite Mashfeed collections by out community, the top 10 Brooklyn Artists.


Elbowtoe has the most incredible oil paintings on display, as well as pictured from his life. However, what makes his feed so unique is that he includes the earlier stages of his work, which gives you a unique perspective into his process.

Rico Gatson

Rico Gaston shows all types of pieces, from conceptual to paintings to sculptures. All of them are gorgeously documented and wonderfully unique. What makes this feed so wonderful is that it shows that diversity of Brooklyn artists and their pieces.

Kamrooz Aram

Similarly to Rico Gatson’s feed, Kamrooz Aram documents the art of Brooklyn with simply gorgeous symmetrical photographs that accentuate the beauty of the pieces.

+ 7 More Feeds

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