Must-follow Portland Instagram Feeds

As a continuation of our “My Hometown” series, this is our spotlight on Portland, Oregon.

Photo by
Photo by Nick Grier

Known for its bike lovers, food trucks and incredibly good coffee, Portland is definitely an incredible place to be. Not to mention their beer, which is equivalent to New York Pizza, so if you ever visit Portland, you should feel obligated to drink their beer. Whether you were born and raised there or are planning a trip, you have to check out our “My Hometown: Portland” collection. From foodies to photographers, here are our top picks for must-follow Portland Instagram feeds.

Portland Oregon

Portland is a beautiful city, and this Instagram feed reflects that perfectly with all of their stunning photos that showcase Portland’s natural esthetic appeal.

Tonya Smith

Tonya is a fashion marketing student based in Portland. Her feed features all of her unique style choices, while the majority of her photos are taken on all white backgrounds, making her outfits stand out even more.

MyFab5 Portland

MyFab5 is actually an app that allows users to find local restaurants and other food places. Their feed is perfect for any foodie, but obviously they focus on all the yummy meals you can find in Portland.

Ian Andrew Nelson

Ian is a photographer based in Portland, but he also travels a lot, and his feed reflects his adventures in the best way possible. All of his photos are taken outdoors and truly capture the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

Ned Ludd

Ned Ludd is a popular restaurant in Portland, and is well-known for using a brick faced, wood fire oven. Their feed obviously has photos of mouth watering photos of food, but they also post employee of the month photos as well (which is awesome).

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