The Best Marvel Instagram & YouTube Feeds


If you are addicted to comic books, or even just superheroes in general, there’s a huge chance that you LOVE Marvel. With over 8000 characters, Marvel is the largest character-based entertainment companies. They began with comic books and have since found success with television, film and online platforms. Whether you still believe that a spider will bite you and you will become a superhero, or you simply enjoy Marvel movies, our “Marvel Madness” collection, stay up to date with all things Marvel. From Marvel fashion to video games, here are the best Marvel Instagram and YouTube feeds.

Styled By Marvel

Ever wanted to dress like a superhero (on other days besides Halloween)? Styled by Marvel is the official Marvel fashion Instagram feed, dedicated to making you look like the superhero you know you are.

Marvel Entertainment 

Marvel’s YouTube channel is everything you could have ever wanted and more. From 60 second clips that go over Marvel news for the week to character spotlights, Marvel’s YouTube is constantly updating with new and awesome videos.

The Women of Marvel

The Women of Marvel throw a little extra love to the badass female heroes of Marvel. Their feed often features some of the women who work at Marvel, and of course, female characters in Marvel shows and movies.

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play MMO Action RPG that allows you to be able to be any marvel hero you want. Their YouTube feed often highlights features of the video game.

Marvel Facts

Marvel Facts’ feed includes every cool fact that a Marvel fan should know. The facts generally revolve around characters on the shows and movies, and the company itself.

+3 More Feeds

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