Top 20 Fun and Cute Doodle and Sketch Instagram Feeds


Mashfeed user Lissa has tapped into our inner artists and our inner doodler. Her collection features the best sketch artists and doodlers on Instagram. These diverse feeds cover everything from fanciful sketches and colorful patterns to wonderful watercolors and more straightforward still life sketches.

If you have a collection you think is worth featuring, tweet it at as with #Mashfeed and check out the 20 best fun and cute doodle and sketch Instagram feeds!

Jennifer Nelson Artists

Bright, fun, and bubbly patterns define @jennifer_nelson_artists. Each picture feels like a page in a scrapbook that you wish you made.

Jen Hewett

Take the doodles and sketches and print them on a fabric and you have @jenhewett‘s feed. Her fun patterned clothing feel like the perfect addition to your feed and closet.

Linzie Hunter

If cute animals, cute food, and cuteness in general is your thing, then @linziehunter is right up your alley. The adorable of this feed will light up your day every single time!

Andrea Joseph

@aheavysoul is as varied as they come. With watercolor, different papers, and more, it’s a feed that brings some spontaneity to the doodle and sketch game.

Koosje Koene

Wonderful water colors and good old fashioned sketches define @koosjekoene. The feed even includes a fun feature that shows what she ate each day in sketch form!

Zoe Ingram

Lilla Rogers

Urban Sketchers

The classic artists sketchbook, @urbansketchers features the best sketches of architecture on Instagram and is definitely the perfect feed to add some pure talent to your repertoire.

Jonathan Twingley

@jontwingley‘s surreal, illustrative feed has beautifully stylized and fantastical sketches that come to life with color.

+ 10 More Feeds

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