The 15 Best Paintball Feeds on Instagram

Here you’ll find our top picks for the best paintball feeds on Instagram

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Photo by Jorge Cruz

As fun as playing paintball is, there is so much that goes into the sport. First you need to get a lot of gear, from your outfit to the paintball guns themselves. Then, you need to think of a strategy with your teammates to beat the other team. AND you need to try to avoid getting hit with an explosive ball of paint. Whether you’re a pro paintballer, or are just getting started, our “Plenty of Paintball” collection is here to help. From new paintball gear to brief looks into the exciting life of a professional paintball player, here are our picks for the best paintball feeds on Instagram.

Dye Paintball

Dye Paintball releases new paintball products and makes cool informational videos on their site.  They highlights the sport through videos and photos of paintballers, products and events on their Instagram.

Brandon Cornell

As a professional paintball player and dye sponsored athlete, Brandon’s Instagram shows him in action and gives you a glimpse into his exciting life.

Empire Paintball

Empire Paintball manufactures and distributes paintball sporting goods all over the world. Their Instagram delves into the world of paintball through photos and videos of gear, professional paintballers and more.

PB Nation

PB Nation is a place where paintball lovers and players can talk about the sport. Their Instagram captions reflect their mission of opening up discussion about paintball, and even post the occasional paintball meme.

ANS Gear

With over 15 years of experience, ANS Gear is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of paintball gear ranging from paintball guns to paintball outfits. Their Instagram feed is a gallery of all their diverse paintball sporting goods.

+10 More Feeds

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